I'm glad you asked, even if I did have to pass you your lines under the table. Well, the short answer is that I am a bit miffed. Why, you ask? Wow, you're good at this.

You know, once you know something that is hidden and if it is something that is hidden deliberately so as to benefit a few at the expense of the many, you have a hard time forgetting it. With all that I have been through over the years, and we will get into most of that later, I have plenty of reason for wanting to forget, mind you. However, when you really know it and it has passed from belief into complete acceptance as reality, it begins to work its way into your world view and it is here that the danger lies. Broadening my awareness of the world around me, in turn, leads to more discoveries and some of those will pass from belief into knowledge as well. From there we are off and running and what I am trying to say is that when you have experienced governmental and institutional corruption as thoroughly as I have, it opens your eyes and one is led into a never ending rabbit hole of discovery.

I knew things were bad and then I learned a bit about banking. Now, I am downright miffed. Much of this must seem fairly cryptic to some but that is what this weblog is for. I don't intend to bring anyone to the understanding that I have garnered with this particular post alone. Indeed it would be foolhardy to even try. I know that had anyone tried to explain to me in one day everything I have discovered in the past fifteen years my mind would have reeled, my brain throbbed, and from the sheer intense discomfort of it all, I might have lashed out at the messenger. It's the deer in the headlights phenomenon.

No, as of yet, there is no choice between a blue pill and a red pill, nor will I offer a symbollic green pill or a purple pill. What I have to offer won't fit into such a package. I would provide a metaphor about how it will only fit into a container the size of one's cranium but the truth is, I am not sure one mind can wholly contain "the truth."

No one has the truth - only pieces of it and a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I am not here to dispense the truth, only some of it and since the truth can be used to tell a lie, we will journey into the studies of such things as psychology, psychological operations, social engineering, history, politics, media, conspiracy, etc.

Thanks for coming and I hope this serves some noble purpose beside satisfying my need to beat my chest and unload my truths but if that is all that manifests then so be it.


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