As someone who is, literally, one person away from Edward Snowden on the world "friendship tree", if you catch my meaning, I believe I do, in fact, have a special insight into these matters. In other words, we both go way back with one Jacob Appelbaum though I don't believe Edward S. and I have ever met. I can tell you that Jacob's crowd is replete with characters that aren't what they seem.

This is where my angle on this gets really weird, even in my own opinion. This part of the story contains elements that might sound like sensationalist garbage. J.A. is a hacker from the Russian River, a place I have spent a great deal of time and a place that, at first, I had no reason to believe was, in this day and age, very Russian any longer. It's home to Bohemian Grove, a place that will send almost anyone scurrying for mental safety and solid ground if one really chooses to investigate its lore. Looking into the history of this area exposes one to a plethora of tales involving Satanism, missing children, scientologists, and other things that almost (?) seem designed to confuse and frighten. I accidentally fell in with some of these people in the aftermath of Jam Echelon Day, which brought Echelon from internet conspiracy theory onto the set of 60 Minutes. I was J.E.D.'s primary instigator (a global effort to publicize the NSA), going under the pseudonym of Robert Kemp, and for my transgression I would be studied and run through a virtual Garden of Delights and, ultimately, sleep deprivation complete with attempts at imprinting, including suggestions of terror acts. This is Appelbaum's stomping ground. Here I would meet a woman who, after a year and a half, would admit to having been assigned to me. Jacob is the link between Snowden and Assange, by the way.

These are actors that are part of an international propagandists television show (and internet). A million people a year try out to be a star, with even more studying acting and theater. Bohemian Grove was started by a bunch of theater buffs in the San Francisco area over a century ago and the town in which it is situated is populated, pretty much wall to wall, by performers of medieval re-enactment festivals. What kind of jobs do YOU think actors get when it is determined that they aren't quite good enough to be in the spotlight full time? They can try out for intelligence roles in which tasks are quickly rotated, as in 'organized gang stalking' (look that up). If they're REALLY good, they may be assigned roles that involve deep cover or intense media scrutiny, or both. Scientology is the science of psychology, of manipulation, and, with that in mind, is it any wonder it's so popular among media figures? Deride and conquer!

As to the Satanic element, it's psychological operations. When someone tries to look into these groups, they inevitably come across tales of child abduction, ritual murder, and strange proceedings around the grove, like the worship of a giant owl statue called Moloch. This is there because, typically, there are a limited set of reactions in people to it (due to a lifetime of programming) and when you have a truth to hide, the less the better. When you have a small set of potential responses to expect, you can plan perception management well ahead of time and it goes like this:

Those who believe the tales are divided into two main camps - those who are solidly in the Vatican's fold and those who aren't. It may be broader and more accurate to say that the two camps are those who believe in a cosmic and earthly war between good and evil and those who don't. If you do, you land clearly on the side of taking things at face value and managing your reaction was done long ago, through societal indoctrination. If you don't believe in the devil but believe the tales about Satanic and Setian deeds, you are likely to respond with a slightly different kind of revulsion but, in both cases, the individual looks no deeper. It doesn't occur to the sensationalist that these sordid matters could possibly be a cover for something else, at once more nefarious and less fantastic.

Those who don't believe the tales are even more easily managed, as they turn a blind eye to anyone that speaks of such things. As James Jesus Angleton once said, "Intelligence is a wilderness of mirrors."

I also consider these stories of evil incarnate, of Freemasonic devilry, to be an extension of the modus operandi of the Vatican. In light of the seventeenth century enlightenment, something had to be done to convince the world, again, that evil was real, even if the church has to be the ones committing atrocious acts. Vatican involvement in the activities of the Third Reich comes to mind.

The op continues today. After all, Weishaupt was a Jesuit, just like Guy Fawkes' handlers, if not Fawkes himself.

Regarding Snowjob, more specifically, at this rate, the leaks will finally all be released when he is well into his seventies and they are entirely irrelevant. In the meantime, this "former" Booz Allen employee, a man whose documents are now in the hands of Pierre Omidyar (who has a $250,000,000 contract with the NSA), gets to micromanage the global discourse on surveillance.

The same is true with Julian Assange. Here is someone that the Obama administration is alleged to have prepared a secret indictment against but the proof of this lies in another set of pseudoleaks, the Stratfor fiasco. Any intelligence buff that has been looking into these things for more than a couple of years noticed that, far from being an intelligence bonanza, as it was described, it was missing even the slightest mention of Mitre or Booz Allen. We later found out that the whole "data dump" was done under the strict oversight of the Department of Justice and all it ended up doing was nabbing a handful of hackers who went by the collective name of LulzSec. Painted as a government sting intended to nail Assange and Anonymous (another state protected group), all it did was incriminate a small cadre of geeks. Who knows what they were or weren't up to? Was Assange fooled by these ops into believing in a set of leaks that would end up smearing his credibility? I doubt it. It seems to me that if Julian knows so little about intelligence that he wouldn't recognize the bankruptcy of a data dump that contained no real revelations then, at the very least, he shouldn't be trusted as an informed source on these issues.

Yet another thing bears mentioning here and it is this. Before Snowden came along, a Google search for terms like Mitre and "Booz Allen" yielded pages and pages of hits and it didn't take long to find my own research implicating them in both the Echelon Security State and 9/11. After the arrival of Edward's whiteout, this is no longer the case. Remember, nearly all internet portals, websites, and social media platforms rely, for its base material, on what can be found at Google. What most of us call reality starts with a Google search. Rewriting history has been perfected. Orwell's Ministry of Information lives.

Please see Kevin Ryan's excellent piece on the risks of trusting Snowden here.


Research on Booz Allen (Recently Acquired by Carlyle Group)

Foerster still won't tell us a single name regarding any alleged analysis of elongated skulls, neither a geneticist nor a university. He tells us, as do countless articles, that such an analysis HAS BEEN released but when asked for even a summary of the analysis (NO analysis is directly referenced by any of them), we are told by him to be patient, patient regarding the fact that the headlines are all inaccurate, and that there still isn't a single geneticist or university willing to associate themselves with an analysis we're not allowed to lay eyes on. So far from anything scientific is this whole mess that we are, essentially, being asked to make a leap of FAITH because the science, apparently, isn't there.

It makes, in the archaeological world, a laughing stock out of esoteric archaeology in general. If the analysis is not available to anyone, let alone its source, then it's simple - don't say that it is!

I tried once to bring up the archaeology that still needs to be done at Tassili n'ajjer in an archaeological forum but because one of the photos I provided was Foerster's, I drew a lot of hostility. It ended up killing my attempt at such a discussion.

As long as his proofs, like secret trials, are hidden from us and headlines keep coming that are inaccurate, Brien's material will be a continued obstacle to questioning the "official" archaeological narrative, at least among CRITICAL scientists.

BOSTON, Dec 6 (Reuters) - It is premature to draw a "terrorist" link in the probe of Ptech, a small Boston-area software firm that was searched by federal agents, the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts said on Friday. 

"The search was conducted in connection with an on-going financial crime investigation. Media characterizations of this as a terrorist investigation are premature," Michael Sullivan, U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts, said in a statement.

Sullivan confirmed that federal and state investigators searched the offices of Quincy, Massachusetts-based Ptech without incident early on Friday.

The affidavit filed in support of the search warrant was under a court-ordered seal and no further information about the search warrant could be disclosed, Sullivan said.

ABC News had reported earlier on Friday that Ptech was secretly controlled by Qassin al-Kadi, one of 12 Saudi businessmen accused of funneling millions of dollars to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda militant network.

In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, the Bush Administration designated al-Kadi as a terrorist entity, citing a relationship with a Saudi charity called Muwafaq Foundation, or "Blessed Relief" that is said by the government to transfer money from wealthy Saudi citizens to Al Qaeda. [Source]

The Blessed Relief is no stranger to the CIA or any other US government agency involved in Kosovo. This was one of the "charities" which supported the CIA's "freedom fighters."

""Bin Laden’s kind offer of "humanitarian help" in 1994 has been used repeatedly ever since to fund terrorism in Albania. Many terrorists have posed as "humanitarian workers" since. Secret KLA training camps, which the CIA and SAS also used, were created in Northern Albania by Iran and other countries "using Islamic educational institutions and projects for the development of rural communities as a front.

Back in 1999, "a Saudi government audit acquired by US intelligence showed that 5 of Saudi Arabia’s top business executives ordered the National Commercial Bank (NCB), the kingdom’s largest, to transfer personal funds along with $3 million diverted from a Saudi pension fund to New York and London banks. The money was diverted into the accounts of Islamic charities, including Islamic Relief and Blessed Relief, that serve as fronts for Bin Laden." [Source]

The company's client list reads like a who's who of the high-tech industry, including companies such as IBM, Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc., Motorola Inc., Sprint Corp. and The Mitre Corp...[Source]

"Booz-Allen & Hamilton, in conjunction with the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, runs the Saudi Armed Forces Staff College, while O'Gara Protective Services (former U.S. CIA and Secret Service agents) protects the Saudi royal family and their property and provides Saudi forces with security training." [Source]


A fellow researcher added:

"Maybe along the lines of INSLAW, as 'The FBI has used Ptech’s software for financial tracking and internal budgeting' sounds remarkably similar to PROMIS."

Edward Snowjob WORKED at Booz Allen. Here's a little I put together 11 years ago on this company, a spy contractor he has, conveniently omitted from his "leaks".


A company with strong ties to the atrocity of September 11, 2001 is also implicated in the intense digital harrasment experienced in the past couple of years by anti-war activists.

Let's get right to the meat, eh?

Big Brother Alive and Well at Yahoo

is an excellent piece from which the following is snipped:

~Booz-Allen is engaged in the creation of a program called "Magic Lantern." This program is designed to figure out people's passwords so the military can have access to *ALL* email accounts...for the purpose of fighting terrorism. Magic Lantern insidiously will install a "virus" on your computer so that when you next log in to your email using a password, Magic Lantern sends a copy of the password to a Military computer, and they can then access your email. This is all stuff I got to read in the Washington Technology (a magazine devoted to celebrating the newest technological contracts awarded on Capitol Hill). It was H IGHLY recomended to me that those of us that use our email to engage in social justice work be aware of these realities and change our passwords VERY Frequently, making sure to include numbers in our passwords.~

Now, many of you may remember the enormous disruption that occurred last year in the online activist community with worms, virii, digital identity theft, email bombs, etc. and how it all targeted anti-war activists, pro-palestinian activists, and those trying to get to the bottom of 9-11. One can deduce that the authors and/or puppetmasters behind this barrage were all of the same mind and all perhaps had something to do with the advancement of the military position of Israel, the advancement of the "War on Terror" and the obscuring of any real investigation of the events of September 11, 2001.

In light of such, I consider it no accident that Booz, Allen, & Hamilton (cited above) are also heavily implicated by much of the serious research on 9-11.

Please read on.

The following is snipped from:
Booz, Allen, and Hamilton Awareness


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which oversees the Total Information Awareness System (TIA), awarded 13 contracts to Booz Allen & Hamilton amounting to more than $23 million.


TIA draws heavily on the private sector. Five of the eight contractors identified by the Center are involved in evaluating future contracts for the program. Grey E. Burkhart, an associate of Booz Allen Hamilton, identifies himself on his resume as “assistant project manager” of TIA system implementation. Even the phrase “Total Information Awareness” has a private pedigree—Visual Analytics, Inc., a Poolesville, Md.-based software developer and DARPA contractor, has applied for a trademark for the phrase.


August 8, 2001: Booz, Allen, & Hamilton employee named head of NIMA (the National Imagery and Mapping Agency - the 'eyes of America')

~NIMA, the eyes of America, gets a new head one month before Operation Two Towers (9-11), one month AFTER Larry Silverstein takes over propietorship from Chase Manhattan and Citigroup.~

James R. Clapper named Director of National Imagery and Mapping Agency. Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet jointly announced the appointment of James R. Clapper Jr. as the new director of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) on August 8, 2001. Clapper, who will become the first civilian head of the agency, succeeds Army Lt. Gen. James C. King who has headed NIMA since March 1998 and will be retiring from the Army later this year. Clapper was chosen for the position owing to his grasp of intelligence matters and his knowledge of the needs of NIMA's principal users, the combat commanders. The director has more than 37 years experience in intelligence, working at all levels and phases of the field. He retired from the Air Force in September 1995 as a lieutenant general after a four-year tour as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Since his retirement, he has served successively as executive vice president of Vredenburg, a systems acquisition services company headquartered in Reston, Va.; executive director, military intelligence for Booz, Allen & Hamilton, McLean, Va.; and recently as vice president, director of intelligence programs for SRA, International, Fairfax, Va.


Back in 1999, "a Saudi government audit acquired by US intelligence showed that 5 of Saudi Arabia’s top business executives ordered the National Commercial Bank (NCB), the kingdom’s largest, to transfer personal funds along with $3 million diverted from a Saudi pension fund to New York and London banks. The money was diverted into the accounts of Islamic charities, including Islamic Relief and Blessed Relief, that serve as fronts for Bin Laden."

The company's client list reads like a who's who of the high-tech industry, including companies such as IBM, Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc., Motorola Inc., Sprint Corp. and The Mitre Corp...

"Booz-Allen & Hamilton, in conjunction with the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, runs the Saudi Armed Forces Staff College, while O'Gara Protective Services (former U.S. CIA and Secret Service agents) protects the Saudi royal family and their property and provides Saudi forces with security training."


The following is snipped from:
Total Information Awareness Relies on Private Sector to Track Americans


DARPA has hired diversified defense industry giants Lockheed-Martin and Booz Allen & Hamilton for TIA and related projects. Booz Allen has won what may become the largest TIA contract, potentially worth $62 million over the next five years if DARPA exercises all the contract’s options.

Booz Allen employee Grey E. Burkhart’s resume notes that he is the “assistant program manager for the implementation of an advanced collaborative analysis system for the counterterrorism and intelligence communities,” which he identifies as “Total Information Awareness (TIA) System Implementation.” DARPA spokeswoman Walker told the Center that Burkhart is not an employee of the government.

Burkhart has had more than 25 years of experience in strategic security, intelligence, and telecommunications. Working in both the private and public sectors he was a career intelligence officer, CEO of Allied Communications Engineering, and has become a “recognized expert on in the global proliferation of information technology.”

Burkhart’s resume also notes that he was a member of Booz Allen’s Homeland Security Coordination Center and Tiger Team, for which he “conducted analysis of new legislation and executive orders and assessed their impact on current and future business.”


The following is snipped from:
Mitre Corp., Warren Buffet, Global Hawk, and September 11, 2001

The NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) demonstrated its new satellite capabilities (NRO payload launched into space on September 8, 2001) and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA - "the eyes of America") gained a new director one month prior to that fateful day. Considering all of this, one gets a pretty clear picture of where all those 'Star Wars' dollars went. James R. Clapper is the man named to head NIMA and he comes from Booz, Allen, & Hamilton which is a client for Blessed Relief, the charity said to be a front for Osama Bin Laden. Booz, Allen, & Hamilton also works closely with DARPA. DARPA is, of course, closely aligned with John Poindexter, head of Total Information Awareness and the guy that called the shots in Iran-Contra.


FBI Data Mining with trojans, worms and warez

Total Information Awareness Relies on Private Sector to Track Americans 

(From last year) Total Information Oppression: Now my mailing list has been killed! 

From eight months ago: PLEASE HELP - DEATH THREAT 

The NRO, September 11, UAV's, Echelon, ARPANET, the NSA, the Israeli Space Agency, NIMA, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, NASA, Ron Sega, Vince Foster, Global Hawk, TIA, Mitre Corp., Star Wars (SDI), Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia (and his satellite investments), and the NMCI.

Also see:
Agent "Souljah" Smiley's Last Stand

from which the following is snipped:


Consider this: the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which would later become the DEFENSE Advanced Research Projects Agency, developed the internet. It was a DOD project before it was a public forum, which would later be turned over to the private sector for "management." DARPA it is that houses the Information Awareness Office which, in turn spawned TIA, the Total Information Awareness effort, headed by one John Poindexter, an Iran-Contra Felon that, like so many others, escaped retribution and now sits high up on the pyramid, under George W. Bush.


P.S. Recently, I ended a relative silence by hitting the web with a couple of pieces entitled 'Agent "Souljah" Smiley's Last Stand' and 'Chemtrails, Mormonism, Halliburton, Meth, the West Nile Virus, and Zion.' I posted from a relatively new addy and upon doing so, within a matter of a day of hitting Indymedia, several Yahoogroups, and with the releases, the account received its first ever virus and worm attacks. I also got my first attempt by the dreaded NigeriaScam to get ahold of my personal banking specifics. Pretty blatant aren't they?

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Haliburton (Dick Cheney's company)

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Mitre Corp. (another company with strong ties to the events of September 11, 2001)

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Brown and Root (evil subsidiary of Halliburton)

Booz, Allen, and Hamilton and TRW (big NRO contractor)

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Global Hawk (the system used on September 11 to remotely smack some buildings)

Booz, Allen, and Hamilton and the NRO (on September 8, 2001, the NRO would run an exercise simulating the hijacking of airliners)

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and the Carlyle Group (company houses ties between the Bushes and bin Laden)



P.P.S. ..a few more applicable snips..

The following is snipped from:
All In The Family

Richard Perle resigned as chairman of the defense policy board last month after it was disclosed that he had financial ties to several companies doing business with the Pentagon. 

But Perle still sits on the board, along with former CIA director James Woolsey, who works for the consulting firm of Booz, Allen, Hamilton. The firm did nearly $700 million dollars in business with the Pentagon last year.


The following is snipped from:
The Real Saudi Ties are U.S. Ties

"We’re doing a better job of sharing intelligence and collecting data, so we’re able to find, you know, able to anticipate" (President Bush) 

Booz-Allen Hamilton (BAH), another global leader in strategy and technology consulting, runs the Military Staff College of Saudi Arabia. But BAH has its corporate headquarters in McLean, Virginia. 

On August 15th, 2002, Dale Watson, former FBIHQ, went to work for Booz. No one ever complained that it was Watson who was unwilling to connect the dots during the increased warnings on a pending attack against America in Summer, 2001, and it is clear why: Watson formerly worked for the CIA and seems to have political support from their headquarter. 

Booz Allen is also supported by ex-CIA director James Woolsey, who became Vice President of BAH on July 15th, 2002. 

In May 2003, Consultant News and Navy Weeks reports, that the government of Saudi Arabia, awarded Booz Allen Hamilton with a sole-source contract for naval consulting work worth $7.9 million with options that could take it to $95.3 million. 

Financial interests win out over political embarrassment. Getting Booz Allen Hamiliton involved in an investigation, seems more unrealistic than ever.

AUTOMATIC PILOT AND 9.11 - An expert’s opinion 

A group of military and civilian US pilots, under the chairmanship of Colonel Donn de Grand, after deliberating non-stop for 72 hours, has concluded that the flight crews of the four passenger airliners, involved in the September 11th tragedy, had no control over their aircraft. 

In a detailed press communiqué the inquiry stated: “The so-called terrorist attack was in fact a superbly executed military operation carried out against the USA, requiring the utmost professional military skill in command, communications and control. It was flawless in timing, in the choice of selected aircraft to be used as guided missiles and in the coordinated delivery of those missiles to their pre-selected targets.” 

The report seriously questions whether or not the suspect hijackers, supposedly trained on Cessna light aircraft, could have located a target dead-on 200 miles from take off point. It further throws into doubt their ability to master the intricacies of the instrument flight rules (IFR) in the 45 minutes from take off to the point of impact. Colonel de Grand said that it would be impossible for novices to have taken control of the four aircraft and orchestrated such a terrible act requiring military precision of the highest order. 

A member of the inquiry team, a US Air Force officer who flew over 100 sorties during the Vietnam war, told the press conference: “Those birds (commercial airliners) either had a crack fighter pilot in the left seat, or they were being maneuvered by remote control.” 

In evidence given to the enquiry, Captain Kent Hill (retd.) of the US Air Force, and friend of Chic Burlingame, the pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, stated that the US had on several occasions flown an unmanned aircraft, similar in size to a Boeing 737, across the Pacific from Edwards Air Force base in California to South Australia. According to Hill it had flown on a pre programmed flight path under the control of a pilot in an outside station. 

Hill also quoted Bob Ayling, former British Airways boss, in an interview given to the London Economist on September 20th, 2001. Ayling admitted that it was now possible to control an aircraft in flight from either the ground or in the air. This was confirmed by expert witnesses at the inquiry who testified that airliners could be controlled by electro-magnetic pulse or radio frequency instrumentation from command and control platforms based either in the air or at ground level. 

All members of the inquiry team agreed that even if guns were held to their heads none of them would fly a plane into a building. Their reaction would be to ditch the plane into a river or a field, thereby safeguarding the lives of those on the ground. 

A further question raised by the inquiry was why none of the pilots concerned had alerted ground control. It stated that all pilots are trained to punch a four-digit code into the flight control’s transponder to warn ground control crews of a hijacking - but this did not happen. 

During the press conference Captain Hill maintained that the four airliners must have been choreographed by an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). This system can engage several aircraft simultaneously by knocking out their on-board flight controls. He said that all the evidence points to the fact that the pilots and their crews had not taken any evasive action to resist the supposed hijackers. They had not attempted any sudden changes in flight path or nose-dive procedures - which led him to believe that they had no control over their aircraft. 

THE NEWS, in an attempt to further substantiate the potential veracity of these findings, spoke to an Algarve-based airline pilot, who has more than 20 years of experience in flying passenger planes, to seek his views. Captain Colin McHattie, currently flying with Cathay Pacific, agreed with the independent commission’s findings. However, he explained that while it is possible to fly a plane from the ground, the installation of the necessary equipment is a time-consuming process, and needs extensive planning. THE NEWS will publish a full interview with Captain McHattie in next week’s edition. 

The FBI also came in for criticism for the various pieces of contradictory evidence it has published regarding the suspects. Questions are now being asked as to how incorrect information was given out regarding the ID cards of the suspects, and the seat numbers they supposedly occupied after boarding the flights. 

None of the suspects named by the FBI appeared on any of the official passenger lists. A further point was how the FBI had managed to retrieve the passport of one of the suspects amid the molten and twisted remains of thousands of tons of steel and rubble brought about by the Twin Towers collapse. 

Dr. Paul Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, and presently Senior Research Fellow at Stamford University, has lent his support to the independent inquiry findings. He also claims that Osama Bin Laden was not responsible for September 11th. The doctor has challenged President Bush to make public the so-called “irrefutable evidence” incriminating Bin Laden. 

Colonel Donn de Grand said that if President Bush is lying it would not be the first time that the American people had been mislead by its government. He cited the recently published official government archives describing President Roosevelt’s duplicity in deceiving Americans about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, which triggered the US entry into WWll. 

He also highlighted the role of the country’s government in misleading its citizens in respect of the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba, and the events that brought about the Spanish American war in the late 19th, century. “Whilst considering who committed this act of war on September 11th,” he said, “albeit Russia, China, an Islamic country or NATO, we must also consider that the enemy may well be within the gates. 

“Not for the first time the American public might be being mislead, by those with ulterior motives, into lending its support to a war, this time against Iraq, that has no bearing whatsoever on the interests of the people of the USA.” 

So far the mainstream American news media has failed to publish or broadcast any details regarding the independent inquiry. Similarly, the White House, whilst having received a copy of the report, has remained silent on its findings. 

Much more here: 

The following is snipped from: 

Planes of 911 Exceeded Their Software Limits 

Two of the aircraft exceeded their software limits on 9/11. The Boeing 757 and 767 are equipped with fully autonomous flight capability, they are the only two Boeing commuter aircraft capable of fully autonomous flight. They can be programmed to take off, fly to a destination and land, completely without a pilot at the controls. They are intelligent planes, and have software limits pre set so that pilot error cannot cause passenger injury. Though they are physically capable of high g maneuvers, the software in their flight control systems prevents high g maneuvers from being performed via the cockpit controls. They are limited to approximately 1.5 g's, I repeat, one and one half g's. This is so that a pilot mistake cannot end up breaking grandma's neck. 

No matter what the pilot wants, he cannot override this feature. 

The plane that hit the Pentagon approached or reached its actual physical limits, military personnel have calculated that the Pe ntagon plane pulled between five and seven g's in its final turn. 

The same is true for the second aircraft to impact the WTC. 

There is only one way this can happen. 


Once you have absorped the above information, please se what lies below. 

I have comments below, and research. If you do not get this email in HTML form, with pictures, email me and I will send you a copy direct. 

General L. Limnitzer in 1962: "We could blow up a drone...Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation...We could develop a Communist Cuba terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Flordia cities and even in Washington...aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area....." 

August 8, 2001: Booz, Allen, & Hamilton employee named head of NIMA (the National Imagery and Mapping Agency - the 'eyes of America') 

From Biographies: Federal Government: Civilian and Military 

James R. Clapper named Director of National Imagery and Mapping Agency. Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet jointly announced the appointment of James R. Clapper Jr. as the new director of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) on August 8, 2001. Clapper, who will become the first civilian head of the agency, succeeds Army Lt. Gen. James C. King who has headed NIMA since March 1998 and will be retiring from the Army later this year. Clapper was chosen for the position owing to his grasp of intelligence matters and his knowledge of the needs of NIMA's principal users, the combat commanders. The director has more than 37 years experience in intelligence, working at all levels and phases of the field. He retired from the Air Force in September 1995 as a lieutenant general after a four-year tour as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Since his retirement, he has served success ively as executive vice president of Vredenburg, a systems acquisition services company headquartered in Reston, Va.; executive director, military intelligence for Booz, Allen & Hamilton, McLean, Va.; and recently as vice president, director of intelligence programs for SRA, International, Fairfax, Va. He was a senior member of the Downing Assessment Task Force, which investigated the terrorist bombing of Khobar Towers in June 1996. NIMA, established in October 1996, is responsible for the collection of imagery through the use of both national and commercial assets. It advises others responsible for collecting imagery using theater and tactical reconnaissance assets. NIMA produces timely imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial information in support of the nation's military forces, policymakers, and civil customers. 

From: 9-11: Mitre Corp., Warren Buffet, Global Hawk, and September 11, 2001 
Posted by: souljah on Jan 16, 2003 - 06:14 PM 

The NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) demonstrated its new satellite capabilities (NRO payload launched into space on September 8, 2001) and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA - "the eyes of America") gained a new director one month prior to that fateful day. Considering all of this, one gets a pretty clear picture of where all those 'Star Wars' dollars went. James R. Clapper is the man named to head NIMA and he comes from Booz, Allen, & Hamilton which is a client for Blessed Relief, the charity said to be a front for Osama Bin Laden. Booz, Allen, & Hamilton also works closely with DARPA. DARPA is, of course, closely aligned with John Poindexter, head of Total Information Awareness and the guy that called the shots in Iran-Contra. 

Hyperlinks considered, this piece pretty much sums up what really went down on September 11, 2001. 

Mitre Corp., Warren Buffet, Global Hawk, and September 11, 2001 

Carl Hammond, 37, was a passenger on board the hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He also was a physicist for Mitre Corporation, a company that peddles Global Hawk (remote piloting) technology. The strongest case has been made that Global Hawk was employed in electronically hijacking the planes in question regarding September 11. Warren Buffet heads Mitre Corp. as well as Berkshire-Hathaway, another CIA front for the sale of remotely controlled pseudo-terrorism. 

As well, Mitre Corp. has been working with Lincoln Laboratories (at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology - MIT) on many pursuits deemed necessary to the accomplishment of the human-machine interface. Recently, NASA's Ames Research Center web site reported, scientists were able to land a Boeing 757 by nerve impulses alone - by thinking about it. 

Buffet's other company, Berkshire-Hathaway, makes Biz Jets, which CEO's all over the world are buying up as the latest fad. Of course, this means that Warren Buffet, consumate money launderer and second in wealth in the US only to Mr. William Gates, the very man that may have been at the heart of the play calling on September 11 (he was at least playing along), makes the machines the powerful fly in. Fear of death always works, doesn't it? 

During his career, Carl Hammond worked at MIT, the institute mentioned above that is seeking total cyborg awareness. Carl Hammond ALSO worked on Global Hawk technologies, it is safe to presume, when he worked at Georgia Tech, home to DARPA's UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) program. 

The NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) demonstrated its new satellite capabilities (NRO payload launched into space on September 8, 2001) and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA - "the eyes of America") gained a new director one month prior to that fateful day. Considering all of this, one gets a pretty clear picture of where all those 'Star Wars' dollars went. James R. Clapper is the man named to head NIMA and he comes from Booz, Allen, & Hamilton which is a client for Blessed Relief, the charity said to be a front for Osama Bin Laden. Booz, Allen, & Hamilton also works closely with DARPA. DARPA is, of course, closely aligned with John Poindexter, head of Total Information Awareness and the guy that called the shots in Iran-Contra. 

My question is no longer, "Who pulled it off?" My question is, "Were these people killed for knowing too much or were they witness protected." 

Re: suspicious deaths.. (Score: 0) 
by Anonymeme on Jan 16, 2003 - 11:54 PM 
I noticed some times ago that the company Booz had lost 3 employees in the Pentagon : Gerald Fisher, Terence Lynch, and Ernest Willcher. They had apparently to work for the government on Trailblazer 1, a system required to spy communications.. 

Scott Powell and Edmond Young, members of BTG Inc, died in Pentagon too. RPI, acquired by BTG Inc in april 2001, awarded $11.2 Million Contract by Department of Justice : under the contract, RPI will support exercises to help prepare state and lo cal officials to respond to possible chemical or biological terrorist attacks... They did the job so good that BTG Inc was acquired by Titan Corp on september 20, 2001, a probable coincidence.. 

Did these employees know too much ? 

Anyway.. these deaths seem bizarre if we consider that the touched part of the Pentagon had just been renovated, and offices were not yet completed.. 


The following is snipped from 

A number (it hasn't been reported exactly how many but it was called 'a small group of business leaders') of CEO's from New York, including at least one from the WTC, were attending a breakfast meeting at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska on the morning of September 11, guests of Warren Buffett (isn't he the same guy who has guaranteed that the United States will suffer a nuclear attack by terrorists?). Offutt Air Force Base is the base that Bush flew to on September 11, supposedly becau se it is the headquarters of the E-4B, the aircraft which is the "command, control and communications center to direct U.S. forces, execute emergency war orders and coordinate actions by civil authorities". He wanted to be on the scene in person, particularly as there was fear that the terrorists were in possession of the secret codes by which they could electronically impersonate Bush in giving military commands (interesting how we have heard nothing more of that story). So how much of a coincidence is it that this meeting with Warren Buffett was at the same air force base that Bush flew to (apparently Bush intended to fly directly to Offutt, but had to stop for refuelling in Louisiana)? Is it possible that Buffett's invitation to a bunch of 'important' New York City executives for a breakfast meeting at an air force base in Nebraska (just think about how weird that is!) was an attempt to save the live s of the invitees? 

The following is snipped from

MITRE Globetrotter in Omaha, Nebraska 
... United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM for short) Headquarters on Offutt Air 
Force Base ... Warren Buffett, the second richest man in the country (next to Bill ... - 12k - Cached - Similar pages 

The following is s n i pped from 

MITRE is a not-for-profit national resource that provides systems engineering, research and development, and information technology support to the government. It operates federally funded research and development centers for the DOD, the FAA, and the IRS, with principal locations in Bedford, Massachusetts, and Northern Virginia. 

The following is snipped from 

MITRE is supporting DARPA and the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Information Directorate (program agent) on the Affordable Moving Surface Target Engagement (AMSTE). The AMSTE program is developing technologies to affordably engage moving surface targets such as tanks, tactical ballistic missile transporters, and small boats from long ranges and in all weather conditions. 

MITRE is experimenting with the integration of advanced Internet technologies into the ISR sensor ground station. The ISR Information Service (ISRIS) Mission Oriented Investigation and Experimentation (MOIE) will develop a prototype information portal that provides ISR sensor data and ground station service accessibility to the battlespace internets: the Intelinks, the Air Force Join t Ba ttl espace Infosphere (JBI), the Navy Network Centric Warfare, and the Army First Digital Division. In FY01, the project will demonstrate the ISRIS concept using the Global Hawk UAV platform. Global Hawk is an excellent platform for this pathfinding research since it has no established TPED support systems today, and it's multiple sensor data types Electro-Optic (EO), Infra-Red (IR), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), and Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) make it an especially rich information source. 

Total Mitre Corp. Awareness 

"The company was working on the developement of remote control aircraft and on Sept 6th I recieved word that some of my people may have been released from China to work on a change over of ATC Radar. I was told they had been contacted to be in a work detail in the WTC which was being renovated."

Boeing has established a new division to expand the "unmanned systems" market and speed development of pilotless combat aircraft. The immediate focus is on the USAF X-45 UCAV. Once this aircraft has been proved to a sufficient degree, the division plans to develop prototypes for gathering intelligence, area surveillance and combat reconnaissance. The X-45A is undergoing taxi testing in preparation for its first flight during the first half of next year. Initial low speed taxi testing confirmed the autonomous operation of the vehicle as well as its responsiveness to controller commands. The X-45A demonstrator system consists of an air vehicle, mission control system and a storage container. The air vehicle has a stealthy, tailless, 27-foot long airframe with a 34-foot wingspan. It can carry a variety of precision strike munitions. 

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Achieve Dominant Battlespace Awareness/Knowledge 

From which the following is snipped (from the section of the document on Key Technologies): 

The Tier II-plus High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(HAE UAV) are Global Hawk and Dark Star. These systems will provide broad-area, all weather, day-night identification of both fixed and mobile targets on land, air and sea. Precise coordinates will be developed utilizing on-board Global Positioning System(GPS). Communication relays on board will provide 200 mile radius line of sight communication, from the 45-60,000 foot altitude ranges where these UAVs operate [3]. 

the following is snipped from Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle Technology 

After September eleventh, UCAV technology took a big step. Although not confirmed by the Pentagon, it is reported that an RQ-1 Predator spy plane equipped with hellfire missiles flew over Afghanistan and conducted the first successful remote-controlled bombing raids in history (Bowmaster). The operators remained safely on the ground out of harms way. 

Boeing, with backing from DARPA, is on the cutting edge with the development of the X-45, which is scheduled for flight test in early 2002. With an estimated range of 500 to 1,000 miles and a payload of 1,000 to 3,000 pounds, Boeing intends to increase effectiveness and survivability of manned combat aircraft by sending their UCAV in first to clear out radar, antiaircraft sights, and surface to air missile (SAM) sights. With two prototypes already complete, they are moving forward with their vision of air combat tomorrow.

the following is snipped from 

Houston Associates, Inc., located in most large Federal government engineering centers, is a leading edge engineering technologies company, that has been involved with a wide variety of DoD Information Technologies requirements for more than 15 years. HAI has provided outstanding engineering capabilities and transitional development services to a wide range of clients. 

Among our Federal client base are DARPA, DISA, DIA, DSWA, USAF, US Army, several CINCs, and Federal Agencies. Each is supported with engineering capabilities from Network (MAN&WAN), ATM requirements (Red and Black systems), Mission Control Support Element Engineering Services employing leading edge Information Technologies for the UAV-Predator, UAV-Global Hawk, and other relate systems. HAI supports and is under contract to provide engineering services to the NASA Manned Space Flight Program at Marshall and Johnson Space Flight Centers. HAI is also doing network site work at Birk Test Center, Edward AFB, California. Our commercial client base included Raytheon, Sprint, Lockheed Space, an Lockheed SkunkWorks, to name a few. 

Global Hawk, Artificial Intelligence, Boeing, DARPA, and September 11 

The following is snipped from 

Agent Smiley, Dick I have more on the 757 order to China. The reason 757 were ordered was because China wanted 747s but the Boeing could not ramp up in time to meet the order. Since 757 would be the predominant plane used at all Chinese airports using remote and ROTHR they would become the standard in the industry along with Raytheon. 

Soon after September 11, 2001, China was admitted into the World Trade Organization. They had apparently fulfilled their end of the bargain. Brzezinski's plan to include China and therefore blunt its sharpness in its ambitions globally was not going to be implemented without a little token from them. 
"The company was working on the developement of remote control aircraft and on Sept 6th I recieved word that some of my people may have been released from China to work on a change over of ATC Radar. I was told they had been contacted to be in a work detail in the WTC which was being renovated." 

I think they were fitting it with a beacon. In a few days, a lot would be at stake for a lot of powerful interests. 

Despite the U.S. spending millions to defend satellites from its own high-powered laser weapons, many of these computers in orbit still obey commands without authenticating their source. Remember, US space stations experienced disruption of their satellite communications on that day. SOMEONE had access to highly sensitive frequencies of transmission. 

Independent Flight 77 - Pentagon Event Investigation 

This is a work in progress 

"And these blast points, too accurate for Sandpeople. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise." 
Brief Statement 
I hope it is understood that I mean no disrespect to the grieving loved ones of those lost on Flight 77 and at the Pentagon on S11. I respect your hardships fully. I feel that I should make a small statement here since this is getting some rather heavy traffic. I began this project in response to the Hunt the Boeing site, a French research effort into curiosities regarding the Pentagon crash site and the 'official line'. I was intrigued, but offended by the hostile tone of the presentation. I felt I had some more benign theories to answer complicated questions of my own. I began discussing them on the American Patriot Friends Network since that's where I learned of the French site. It's been non-stop since that moment. The suspicious timing of the Pentagon data release, within just hours of the developing dis cussions on APFN is rather curious. 

It has occurred to me that the theory has taken a turn toward the 'extreme.' This was not intentional. I merely started out to debunk the French site, a seemingly simple task with the data available. I rejected most of the 'radical' theories out-right, but research has compelled me to look at some very disturbing circumstantial evidence. I still hold a more pro-American viewpoint and at the same time realize the extreme nature of the situation I propose requires the most extreme of measures to be taken only in an emergency as grave as war. This is wartime thinking. This is only a theory. 

The Theory 
In a nutshell... I assume American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked by terrorists as reported. What I question is the evidence linking Flight 77 to the event at the Pentagon. Specifically, if Flight 77's transponder was off, radar and radio contact also lost, then what evidence do we have that it was in fact Flight 77 that caused the Pentagon event? 

We've learned that there exists technology to control and recover a hijacked airliner, even prevent the hijacking all together. We propose that American Airlines Flight 77 was remotely recovered. It was never near the Pentagon. The terrorists were captured by a waiting hostage rescue team and the passengers are safely sequestered away as special guests of the USG, probably participating in a federal witness security program. This would explain the U.S. reluctance to elaborate on the evidence and methods to link bin Laden. The U.S. has the terrorists captured and no one will know about the remote recovery. The civilians would naturally comply; they would not want to seem unpatriotic by messing with a very important investigation while the country is at war. 

In an effort to conceal the recovery, a suitable distraction needed to be created... We suggest the Pentagon was deliberately struck by an unmanned, drone aircraft to conceal the details and evidence of Flight 77's recovery, an operation of strategic deception. The "planners" targetted the Pentagon specifically to LIMIT casualties. It was a section under renovation without the full compliment of employees; they were mostly military, expected to die for their country and so they did... (Realize: specific aim points calculated for specific damage patterns routinely selected and commented on during Gulf War 2 - They are not stupid.) What is implied is that opportunities for deception will be seized if it serves a purpose. The purpose, to hide a recovered airliner with hijacking terrorists on board. 

Revisions and Clarifications 
Due to overwhelming confusion and misinterpretation I will be removing extraneous data points and early observations from the presentation. Recent optical analysis and accounting of 5 disturbed street-light poles clearly establish a corrected trajectory. Studying the analysis more closely leaves me with the impression that the alternate impact point, which I spent so much time pointing out, could be damage resulting from the impact of the engine under the RIGHT wing. (1) (2) (3) 

In response to the recent 'Fescado-Bosankoe' "evidence" I have this to say... I never had it set in stone that I was committed to a smaller aircraft, that's why I removed the F16 comparison in the first place . After Dave began promoting his math and referencing my initial observation, I put the image back up as a matter of research record (et3 and et4). My estimations were very clumsy without taking into account foreshortening of the attack object as imaged caused by the angle of approach (approx 30 deg.) and the angle of the imaging lens. I'm using an unmanned 757 as my primary drone in the equation because we can establish the automated flight control systems on board and the ease with which it would convince observers of an American Airlines Flight 77. I am open to solutions - my investigation will continue to reflect the critical thinking and emerging theories as they present themselves. 

If you haven't noticed, this whole thing, (S11) opened the public debate on and demonstration of unmanned aircraft from the start of the Afghan campaign with the Predator, then Global Hawk, and now discussion of the Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicle, or some order of those words. I expect the risk of hijack will be enough to push for unmanned civil air piloting. The technology is there; the tests were completed. From NASA: "The team tested several prototype GPS Landing System concepts using NASA 557 during 226 automatic approaches and landings." From Boeing: "The precision of global positioning satellite system (GPS) navigation, automated air traffic control functions, and advanced guidance and communications features are now available as part of the new Future Air Navigation System (FANS) flight management computer. [757-200]" They can't admit to it now - for why did they not use this technology to save the day on S11? If you answer that - you will see history doesn't happen by accident. 

On the Cleanup Wars


by Steve Mizrach

October Surprise, Iran-Contra, Noriega, Iraqgate, and BCCI

Before he died in an ineptly performed 'suicide,' the young journalist Danny Casolaro was working on a book that he claimed tied together many of the 'gates' and 'miniscandals' surrounding the Bush presidency. The book identified the web which tied all the scandals together as the "Octopus," a mythical creature with tentacles stretching everywhere. Perhaps the birth of the Octopus lies in the 1980 Presidential election; and its growth occurred under the eight years of the Reagan presidency. Casolaro soon found that the Octopus may have consisted of a 'shadow government' apparatus that went back even further than Bush and Reagan. But what's left of his notes seem primarily to focus on events in the 80s and 90s.

It is very possible that in 1980, Bill Casey and other members of the Reagan team may have conspired with the Iranians to delay the release of the American hostages: they were afraid of an"October Surprise" which might damage Reagan's chances of defeating Carter. Sure enough, the hostages were released right as Reagan was being inaugurated, and in 1981, the first shipment of arms to Iran began. Gunther Rossbacher, an ex-Navy pilot, and two other foreign sources, insist that on October 21st and 22nd, Bush met with Iranian delegates in Paris. The "October Surprise" may have been how Bush and other Reagan team members located the Iranian 'moderates' that played a role in the Iran-Contra scandal. In 1984, the Boland amendment forbade any more military assistance to the Contras. So, in 1985, the underground "Enterprise" - Operation Yellowfruit - began selling arms to Iran and using the proceeds to furnish weapons to the Contras. George Bush claims Iran-Contra has nothing to do with him, but other administration figures' records show he was at the secret meetings - Poindexter, in particular. Amiram Nir, an Israeli terrorism expert, insists he discussed Iranian arms deals with Bush, but that can't be confirmed... he died in a mysterious plane crash in Mexico in 1988.

It turns out the Iran-Contra scandal may have been part of a larger arms-for-hostages deal. The Iranians needed weapons in their war against Iraq, and the Reagan administration felt that the Iranians might have been able to convince the Shiite terrorists in Lebanon to release the American hostages held there. Reagan claimed no "quid pro quo," but then he also claimed he really didn't remember much, either. In any case, additional hostages were seized after the 'non-deal', and many may remain in captivity today, including the Lebanon CIA station head. One man who may have known a great deal about the Iran-Contra business was Manuel Noriega, whose name came up in the 1988 Dukakis-Bush debates. Noriega knew about the Contra drug pipeline, because he was a pusher, himself, while on the CIA payroll throughout the 1980s, and during his trial in Miami in 1989, some testimony emerged which suggested he knew something about the Central American end of the Iran-Contra affair and where some on the missing money may have 'disappeared' into.

On the Middle Eastern end, another man who was a delighted beneficiary of American generosity throughout the 1980s was Saddam Hussein of Iraq. The Agriculture Department and other agencies gave Saddam agricultural credits worth millions of dollars which he used to purchase American attack helicopters, chemical weapons for using on the Kurds, and the components of a nuclear weapons program. It is suspected that the CIA and Justice Department overlooked, or aided, the Banco Nazionale Lavoro (BNL) of Italy while it funneled billions in military aid to Iraq. This recently burgeoning scandal, "Iraqgate," suggests we were playing both sides against the middle during the Iran-Iraq war. We were selling arms to both the Iranians and the Iraqis, and the CIA at various points double-crossed both sides. It is no wonder that America is so distrusted in that part of the world. In any case, there were two men that knew too much, and when Bush became president, he had to clean them up, and he would wage two "cleanup wars" to do it.

One link between Bush, Saddam, and Iran-Contra was the corrupt Middle Eastern bank, the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI). BCCI, it turns out, laundered drug money, financed CIA and Mossad covert operations, and helped Bush, Saddam, and others split over $250 billion in extortion from the sale of Persian Gulf oil. (BCCI also might have had links to the corrupt drug-money-laundering-and-CIA scandals involving Australia's Nugan Hand Bank.) Attorney General Richard Thornburgh squashed an investigation into First American Bankshares, secretly controlled by BCCI, in October 1990; and William von Raab, former U.S. customs official, was fired by Treasury Secretary James Brady for delving too deeply into BCCI. This may have a lot to do with the links between Prescott Bush, First American director Stephens, Bahrain, and Iraq. Bush's family were oilmen, and if there is anything he stood for, it was Big Oil and its interests in the Middle East. (It might be pointed out, incidentally, that it was Norman Schwarzkopf's father who helped boot out Mossadegh in Iran when he threatened to nationalize holdings of British Petroleum.) The mess was in place, and President Bush had a lot of cleaning up to do.

The "Cleanup Wars"

The first "cleanup war" was so-called Operation Just Cause in Panama. We invaded with the ostensibly 'just' cause of arresting a drug dealer and bringing him to justice here in the U.S.. The fact that he was the leader of another country, and that this is a violation of international law, didn't raise a naysayer, although insiders knew that Noriega was working for us before Bush started to see him as a threat. He may have wanted to jail Noriega because of the Iran-Contra secrets he knew. The other ostensible reason was because of Bush family holdings in Panama. It seems that Prescott's friends in the Aoki Corporation of Japan have invested more than $350 million in Panama; their holdings include the luxury resort Caesar Park and the Mariott Hotel. Bush may have been afraid of Noriega nationalizing that property. While Bush claimed to be nailing a dealer, he replaced him with two other dope pushers. Panamanian president Guillermo Endara is a director of the bank used exclusively by the Medellin cartel, and vice president Guillermo Ford is part owner of Dadeland Bank of Florida, which stands accused of laundering South American drug money. This Bush cleanup cost 26 American and 2000 Panamanian (civilian) lives, and several million dollars. It's worth seeing the film The Panama Deceptionto see some of the chilling secrets of this operation, including hidden mass graves of murdered civilians.

The second 'cleanup war' was Operation Desert Storm, with the purposes of ostensibly 'liberating' Kuwait from Saddam Hussein. It is clear that, in fact, administration official April Glaspie succeeded in goading Hussein into invading Kuwait by saying that the U.S. would not interfere. And that the CIA and NSC provided doctored sattelite photographs making it look like Iraq was preparing to invade Saudi Arabia, when in fact Iraqi troops were nowhere near the Saudi border; further, that the CIA deliberately payed no attention to Iraqi troop buildup prior to the invasion of Kuwait. And that the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, appearing under a pseudonym, told a false story about how Iraqi soldiers were ripping Kuwaiti babies out of incubators. Saddam Hussein had been set up, and now so were the American people, who Bush promised this was about "jobs" and dealing with America's "VietNam syndrome."

The Desert Storm war never accomplished any of its supposed goals. Kuwait does not have 'democracy,' only a returned monarchy hell-bent on seeking blood vengeance on Palestinian citizens. Saddam Hussein was not toppled from power; and the Kurds who were incited to rise up against him received no U.S. help when Republican Guard American-made attack helicopters mowed them down. Saddam's chemical and nuclear arsenal were never eliminated. Instead, what was destroyed was the Iraqi infrastructure, causing thousands to suffer disease, hunger, and deprivation, in addition to the thousands who died in the 'smart' bombings which nonetheless hit plenty of civilian targets; and the environment of the Persian Gulf, when eco-terrorist Saddam Hussein dumped millions of gallons of oil out of his wells and set ablaze thousands of Kuwaiti oil wells. It was a pyrrhic victory, but not for American oil companies, who profited mightily from increased oil prices... and for George Bush, who used his "VietNam syndrome therapy" as an excuse to hold hundreds of parades celebrating his 'victory' nationwide with yellow ribbons and marching soldiers.

The Wackenhut Connection

The Wackenhut Security Corporation of Miami, Florida, has long been suspected of being a CIA front. The right-wing politics of George Wackenhut, who had ties to Belgian fascists and South American death squads, are well known. But few people realize that Wackenhut, a small company with "only a few" employees, gets some choice assignments, including guarding nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons facilities, the Alaskan Oil pipeline, and several American embassies; or that its board of directors contains several luminaries from the FBI, CIA, and Army Intelligence, including Bobby Ray Inman. Wackenhut has led a covert crusade against whistleblowers at many nuclear power plants, using wiretaps to eavesdrop on them and various 'subtle' techniques to convince them not to talk; it also spied on Chuck Hamel, a critic of the Aleyska Oil Consortium's drilling policies, by setting up a fake environmental-law firm which sought to "pump" him for his sources. Wackenhut may have even used some operatives to try and help topple President Perez of Venezuela through a (failed) military coup, largely for money (rather than politics) it was given by Blanca Ibanez, the mistress of Jaime Luinschi, the former president.

Also, a Wackenhut employee named Ernesto Bermudez was using 1500 'employees' in El Salvador for things he admitted "you wouldn't want your mother to know about" to a reporter from Spy magazine. Candian PM Pierre Trudeau refused to allow Wackenhut to purchase a weapons-propellant plant in Quebec, and it was refused a permit to open a security facility in France because President Francois Mitterand said "we had just gotten rid of the CIA." Wackenhut maintained files on over 4 million suspected 'subversives' of all types, including civil rights activists and antiwar protesters, well into the 1960s, making it the largest private holder of such information. In 1975, after a Congressional investigation into domestic intelligence operations and connections to private firms, Wackenhut turned its files over to the Anti-Communist Church League of America based in Wheaton, Illinois, which is now defunct. Florida Governor Claude Kirk claims to have worked closely with Wackenhut to "fight organized crime," although insiders maintain they were doing anything but fighting the Mob.

But there are direct links between Wackenhut and the 'Octopus'. It appears that Michael Riconsciuto, a convicted drug dealer, claims to have met with George Wackenhut, John Amarell (of Wackenhut's Executive Board), and Dr. John Philip Nichols (a CIA operative conducting shady activities on the Cabazon Indian Reservation in the California desert) in Las Vegas in the early 80s to discuss the theft of Inslaw's PROMIS software; he says Wackenhut asked him "how his software work was coming along." (Supposedly, Nichols was using the Cabazon reservation as his own private munitions proving ground, testing things ranging from super-lethal Fuel-Air Explosives and chemical-biological weapons to Electromagnetic Pulse [EMP] generators.) Ammarell confirms the meeting, but claims it was merely about the sale of a boat! Retired general Richard Secord arranged for the Wackenhut Corp. to work with Iraqi arms dealer Ihsan Barbouti; Wackenhut operative David Ramirez claims that he and Barbouti rode in a truck carrying chemical-weapons technology from Texas to Chicago, and then rode on a plane to Iraq. Ramirez indicates that he thinks Wackenhut may have been part of a "food stamp" scheme to get agricultural credits for Iraq which were in turn used to purchase nuclear-weapons technology, making Wackenhut part of the Iraqgate affair as well.

Assisting with Barbouti's arms schemes were two partners, James Tully (who sent Bill Clinton's 'draft-dodge' letter to ABC) and Jack Brennan, who currently works as director of administrative operations in President Bush's office. Brennan and Tully had been involved in a $181 million deal to supply uniforms for the Iraqi army, arranging them to be manufactured in Ceausescu's Romania, of all places. Other partners in that deal were Watergate felon John Mitchell and Sarkis Soghnalian, a Lebanese citizen who was credited with introducing Saddam Hussein to Gerald Bull, the inventor of the so-called "supergun." Soghnalian is currently in prison for selling 103 military helicopters to Iraq; and David Ramirez says that Wackenhut considered the Turkish man to be a "valuable client." Two thousand gallons of ferrocyanide - an important chemical-warfare binary ingredient - vanished from a Boca Raton cherry flavoring factory in 1990. That plant was guarded by - guess who - Wackenhut.

Barbouti owned shares in that company, and two others: TK-7, which makes a fuel additive that could extend the range of liquid-fueled missiles such as the SCUD, and Pipeline Recovery Systems, which coats pipes to make them useable in nuclear power plants. He admits having faked his own death several times, and having helped Moammar Khadafi build his infamous chemical-weapons plant at Rabta, Libya. Further, he owns about $100 million worth of real estate and oil-drilling equipment in Texas and Oklahoma. It is widely believed that the Middle Eastern architect is either currently dead (surprise), living in Jordan, or being kept in a CIA safe house in Florida. An engineering company owned by him in Frankfurt had a $552 million contract to build airfields in Iraq. And - no surprise here - Barbouti used the corrupt BCCI bank as his middleman in many deals.

The CenTrust Connection: the S & Ls, the Mob, and BCCI

The S & L failures of '89 were a massive blow to the banking system. Over 200 small savings and loan banks went under - just under half of those in existence - and had their assets seized by the federal 'dummy' company, the Resolution Trust Corp. Largely, this was a problem created by deregulation legislation passed by the congressional banking committees - the legislation allowed the S & Ls to make investments that were extremely risky and fiscally unsound. In fact, the failure can also be seen as the result of several years of deregulation of many industries under the Reagan administration - deregulation that was "bought" by the very industries which were supposed to be policed. But where were the regulators who were supposed to be the 'watchdogs' of the industry? Almost across the board they were 'bought off' by S & L moguls like Charles Keating, paid to look the other way while the S & Ls invested in fraudulent real estate schemes and sham projects which collapsed after a few years. But to maintain a veneer of solubility for their creditors, many S & Ls actually turned to "junk bond" king Michael Milliken, managing to "puff up" their investment profiles with airy money. There may have been even more crooked things going on, as some recent articles suggest that some of the S & L swindle may have gotten into the hands of the CIA and used to fund the Contras- most funds coming from the failed Palmer National Bank and Vision Savings Bank in Houston.

Even more daring reports, such as a recent book by investigative reporter Peter Brewton, suggest the Mafia may have been involved with some of the bank fraud - as they most certainly were with the Vatican Bank scandal in Italy. Author Dan Moldea notes extensive connections between the Hollywood motion picture company MCA, the defense/nuclear contractor General Electric, the corrupt Teamsters' Union, and the Mob. Strangely, former Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan had connections to all of the above. The fact that there are close Republican ties to the Teamsters, despite the party's overt anti-labor stance, is very curious; but it must be examined in the light of the Teamsters' "patriotic" support of "guns and butter" and other right-wing stances, and their links to the Mafia. (It is widely suspected that Richard Nixon may have pardoned Jimmy Hoffa after making a deal with the Teamsters to give money to his 1972 presidential campaign - yet another unwritten chapter in the Watergate saga, along with the revelations that he may have tried to frame the Democrats for the assassination attempt on George Wallace.) Anthony Summers believes that J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed by the Mob for his homosexuality, and that is why the former FBI director continued to deny the pervasiveness of "organized crime." One of Brewton's most amazing revelations is that Bush may have actively attempted to conceal the Texas oil - organized crime - S & L - CIA links during the 1988 campaign: but so did Lloyd Bentsen, who told Dukakis it would be "a losing issue for our ticket!"

The cost for fixing the S & L mess - for returning the depositors in the banks all their savings - will be quite high. Another cost involved in the process will be the liquidation of nearly valueless assets owned by the S & Ls - such as acres and acres of undeveloped land out in the Southwest. The properties of the failed S & Ls are being sold by RTC for businessmen for a steal; and taxpayers are being asked to pick up a large part of the tab. Some estimate that the S & L cleanup may cost each and every taxpayer as much as $1000. Each and every taxpayer, of the 200 million who pay taxes! There are economists who feel the beginning wave of the S & L collapse may have contributed to the massive stock market crash of 1987, and that its impact led to other bank failures and a real estate 'bust' contributing to the 1990 recession. Crooked S & L operators received, on the average, 2.4 years in prison for ripping off America with their white-collar crimes. But a robber who steals $200 from a convenience store gets, on average, 7.8 years. One need not be a math wizard to see something glaringly wrong with that. Why have the federal prosecutors under the Bush administration been so slow to prosecute, and so lenient with their sentences? Could it be connected to the extensive amounts of money that Bush himself got from the S & Ls during his 1988 campaign?

Was there also a link between the failed Savings & Loans and BCCI? It turns out, yes, and the (now defunct) Miami CenTrust bank chairman David Paul is the key. According to a NBC special on the S & L scandal, Dexter Lehtinen, the temporary appointee to the position of federal prosecutor for south Florida, claims he was obstructed by the government from serving subpoenas on many of the big figures connected to Paul. Lehtinen was never confirmed officially for the position after serving in it for several years - some say this was because of things in his background that might lead to a confirmation fight, but others feel it was because he was digging too deeply into CenTrust's failures. Lehtinen now claims that Paul may have bribed many local and federal officials to cover up for money laundering and secret Carribean accounts to sequester 'narcodollars.' Investigators found that Paul lived a lavish lifestyle, buying gold fixtures and priceless art treasures for his office in the CenTrust building. When CenTrust was starting to face insolvency, Paul found a cash influx from an unsuspected source - BCCI financier Farouk, who tried to use CenTrust to launder money from the Banco Nazionale Lavore (BNL) in Italy. The S & L scandal is, it seems, yet another arm within the Octopus.

Bush's Teapot Dome?: the INSLAW Affair

George Bush's predecessor, Ronald Reagan, had a terribly corrupt administration. There were huge numbers of indictments, resignations, scandals, and accusations of corruption and coverrup. Housing and Urban Development, under Sam "the Invisible Man" Pierce, turned a blind eye as shifty Republican financiers raked in profits off of shady deals involving public housing. Savings and Loan regulators allowed S & L's all over the country to make ridiculously unsound investments and disappear into bankruptcy. But the corruption in the Reagan administration may have been nowhere more shocking than in the Department of Justice, whose anti-pornography crusader, Edwin Meese III, was accused of improprieties regarding the transfer of a company called Wedtech.

Bush's new Attorney General, Richard Thornburgh, may have done Meese one better, bringing the Department of Injustice one step further. For it now stands accused of being a software pirate - of having stole the Inslaw PROMIS database program from its creators without recompensating them. That PROMIS is a program that can be used to track political dissidents, among other things, has been noted by many commentators. Because William Sessions of the FBI was investigating Justice's possible role in the Inslaw/BNL affair, Attorney General William Barr suddenly launched an investigation of Session's misuse of his phone for making personal calls and allowing his wife to be at meetings - hardly the most major of offenses among government bureaucrats! Curious infighting as the ship went down, it seems.

According to Riconsciouto, the INSLAW affair might have been, among other things, a political payoff for the role a former political operative and Justice Department official, Earl Brian, played in the October Surprise. INSLAW was originally a nonprofit organization basically of quasi-governmental nature, which went private in the 1980s in an effort to market its software commercially. PROMIS was marketed to law enforcement agencies as an efficient tool for tracking criminal cases. However, its versatility for use in such wide-ranging areas as political intelligence and monitoring caught the eye of the Justice Department - which would require modifying the program's original design. So Brian first tried to seize INSLAW Corp. in an illegally authorized "hostile takeover," and when that failed, basically stole the PROMIS software outright. Copies of the program were thought to be distributed or sold to, among others, Israel, South Africa, some Central American regimes, and perhaps Saddam Hussein - by the Bush administration - all without consent or compensation for the program's original authors. It is believed that some regimes even today still use chilling, modified versions of the program for tracking political dissidents.

Is the Octopus Still Alive?: Mena, Arkansas and a Clinton Compromise

Riconsciouto claims that Clinton, like Bush, has been "compromised" by the CIA. He says that he personally flew planes carrying illegal shipments of arms to and drugs from the Contra rebels which took off from a secret airstrip near Mena, Arkansas - one which apparently existed with the full knowledge and consent of then-governor Bill Clinton. He and others think that Clinton made a basic "deal" with Bush after he won -- Bush would not criticize Clinton or bring up too much about Whitewater or Mena airstrip, and in return Clinton would not pursue indictments against Bush Administration officials. Today, as the Clinton administration battles off a series of its own political scandals, writers for the alternative media still puzzle over the "mainstream" media's total refusal to look at whatever was going at Mena, in 1992 or now. Because then-governor Clinton may have been permitting the CIA to run a small scale "black operation" right in his own state. So it's obvious that Clinton has no interest in pursuing the Octopus, the question then becomes - even if his administration isn't involved, does it still thrive in its own shadowy centres?

Danny Casolaro may have been killed because he got too close to the truth. The Christic Institute may have been SLAPPed out of existence because of it. Even if the Octopus isn't still operating, there are likely to be various "tentacles" of it who want to cover up the roles that they played in it. It may have branched into things that Casolaro hadn't gotten around to investigating yet. Certainly it tied together a series of sinister forces and operations. George Bush was undoubtedly a key figure, but he isn't going to be running for President again. What's more tragic is the way that he and other co-conspirators may have basically gotten off scot-free. And at this point, it's too early to tell what role Clinton and his administration may or may not be playing in keeping the creature going. Which to me is more important than any unwise land investments he and his wife may have made during the 1980s.

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