Anarchists Against Terrorism

[Image: I'm making bombs ...and ruining anarchism!]

This project is dedicated to spreading the idea that terroristic methods are not methods anarchists should use in attaining political goals, from a tactical perspective; pointing out that it is in fact the state that is the real terrorist; and also examining the history and ways in which the misconceptions about anarchy being connected with violence and terrorism came about.

This web page was set up by anarchists for the benefit of the anarchist community, as well as the general public.

"You can't blow up a social relationship. The total collapse of this society would provide no guarantee about what would replace it. Unless a majority of people had the ideas and organization sufficient for creation of an alternative society, we would see the old world reassert itself because it is what people would be used to, what they believed in, what existed unchallenged in their own personalities.

Proponants of terrorism and guerrillaism are to be opposed because their actions are vangaurdist and authoritarian, because their ideas are wrong or unrelated to the results of their actions, because killing cannot be justified, and finally because their actions produce either repression with nothing in return or an authoritarian regime."

-from "You Can't Blow Up a Social Relationship".

"Propaganda by deed inherently failed in its purpose. It led to the public associating violence with the ideals of anarchism. People had difficulty relating to someone they viewed as a murderous fanatic. This in turn alienated people from the 'fanatic's' cause."
-from "Anarchism and Violence - Propaganda By Deed", an essay from "Workers Solidarity", published by the Workers Solidarity Movement.

"... when the movement is strong enough to win by armed insurrection it will be abundantly strong enough to win by the General Strike. In Labor movements generally, success through violence can hardly be expected except in circumstances where success without violence is attainable."
-from the book "Proposed Roads to Freedom", by Bertrand Russel.

"There are many factors in society that cause people to have mistaken notions about anarchists: the media, schools, government, and so on. The corporate media has been in the forefront of demonizing and lying about anarchists for over a century. Schools, through pro-government "civics" classes, teaches children that government is necessary to the healthy functioning of society. They preach that anarchy, in their minds the absence of government, means chaos and a situation where it is every person for themself."
-from "Chuck0's Thoughts on The Anarchist Cookbook".

SOURCE: Pierre J. Proudhon Memorial Computer


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