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9/28/09: New VR Campaign To Stop The Incitement Of Domestic Terror By Extremist Media, Politicians And Religious Leaders: Attorney General Urged To Enforce Laws Stop Domestic Terror

Today a coalition of non-profit organizations led by VR launched an aggressive campaign to address the recent surge in threats and acts of terrorism against Americans. The majority of these acts can be traced to groups and individuals who do not accept the results of our recent election or the laws enacted or proposed by those who have been elected. They seek to undermine the democratic process through threats, intimidation, and even outright murder. They can't accept the legitimacy of the President, or a woman's legal right to make choices about her own medical care, or an immigrant's right to be treated humanely under the law, so they carry out acts that are antithetical to American democracy, values, and both civil and human rights.

Those who commit these acts of terror are frequently exploited by a continuous wave of rightwing media advocating violence, either directly or indirectly, and by commentators amplifying the talking points of extremist religious leaders and extremist political leaders. This fringe is incited on our public airwaves, and urged to take matters into their own hands, with the underlying belief that the Bible and/or U.S. Constitution justify using ‘whatever means’ are necessary to oppose what they believe to be immoral laws.

“We are taking a stand against this dangerous trend towards the incitement of lawlessness and violence,” said attorney and spokesman Kevin Zeese, who directs VotersForPeace.US “We strongly believe in the First Amendment right of free expression and discourse, even when it is abhorrent or contrary to our beliefs. However, the First Amendment does not protect debate where one side includes the threat or act of violence. We urge the Attorney General to quickly address this wave of domestic terrorism by enforcing laws on the books, conducting a review of the relationship between extremist media and the acts of terrorism, and enforcing anti-trust laws against right wing media.”

The campaign urges respect and civility by the media, an advertising boycott against media and commentators that incite or advocate violence, condemnation of violence by media CEOs and religious leaders, federal legislation to require more diversity in the media, and congressional hearings on media monopolies and the responsibilities of media to act in the public interest.

SOURCE: Velvet Revolution

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