This, like my first such challenge, will probably go unanswered. The first is here:

On Global Warming: A Challenge to Skeptics

Here is my latest:

If a couple of degrees can mean huge planetary shifts then it does not matter if five degrees of change come about from natural cycles and only two or three from human activity (for example). It's not a blame game! Two more degrees mean even bigger planetary shifts even faster and an even smaller chance of human survival and an even wider level of mass extinction. That is the part WE CAN AFFECT.

Another way of illustrating the same truth is to remember that few environmentalists say we must not use wood for anything. Just because we need wood does not mean we should say to hell with all of it. This is a self fulfilling course of action in which just because we seem to believe there is no hope, we manifest it by not even trying.

We may end up going down as the species that decided that it does not matter how much of life on earth dies off just so long as we can say that, in the political arena, our opponents never got the better of us.


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