2003: Research of Mine on Booz Allen

Edward Snowjob WORKED at Booz Allen. Here's a little I put together 11 years ago on this company, a spy contractor he has, conveniently omitted from his "leaks".


A company with strong ties to the atrocity of September 11, 2001 is also implicated in the intense digital harrasment experienced in the past couple of years by anti-war activists.

Let's get right to the meat, eh?

Big Brother Alive and Well at Yahoo

is an excellent piece from which the following is snipped:

~Booz-Allen is engaged in the creation of a program called "Magic Lantern." This program is designed to figure out people's passwords so the military can have access to *ALL* email accounts...for the purpose of fighting terrorism. Magic Lantern insidiously will install a "virus" on your computer so that when you next log in to your email using a password, Magic Lantern sends a copy of the password to a Military computer, and they can then access your email. This is all stuff I got to read in the Washington Technology (a magazine devoted to celebrating the newest technological contracts awarded on Capitol Hill). It was H IGHLY recomended to me that those of us that use our email to engage in social justice work be aware of these realities and change our passwords VERY Frequently, making sure to include numbers in our passwords.~

Now, many of you may remember the enormous disruption that occurred last year in the online activist community with worms, virii, digital identity theft, email bombs, etc. and how it all targeted anti-war activists, pro-palestinian activists, and those trying to get to the bottom of 9-11. One can deduce that the authors and/or puppetmasters behind this barrage were all of the same mind and all perhaps had something to do with the advancement of the military position of Israel, the advancement of the "War on Terror" and the obscuring of any real investigation of the events of September 11, 2001.

In light of such, I consider it no accident that Booz, Allen, & Hamilton (cited above) are also heavily implicated by much of the serious research on 9-11.

Please read on.

The following is snipped from:
Booz, Allen, and Hamilton Awareness


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which oversees the Total Information Awareness System (TIA), awarded 13 contracts to Booz Allen & Hamilton amounting to more than $23 million.


TIA draws heavily on the private sector. Five of the eight contractors identified by the Center are involved in evaluating future contracts for the program. Grey E. Burkhart, an associate of Booz Allen Hamilton, identifies himself on his resume as “assistant project manager” of TIA system implementation. Even the phrase “Total Information Awareness” has a private pedigree—Visual Analytics, Inc., a Poolesville, Md.-based software developer and DARPA contractor, has applied for a trademark for the phrase.


August 8, 2001: Booz, Allen, & Hamilton employee named head of NIMA (the National Imagery and Mapping Agency - the 'eyes of America')

~NIMA, the eyes of America, gets a new head one month before Operation Two Towers (9-11), one month AFTER Larry Silverstein takes over propietorship from Chase Manhattan and Citigroup.~

James R. Clapper named Director of National Imagery and Mapping Agency. Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet jointly announced the appointment of James R. Clapper Jr. as the new director of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) on August 8, 2001. Clapper, who will become the first civilian head of the agency, succeeds Army Lt. Gen. James C. King who has headed NIMA since March 1998 and will be retiring from the Army later this year. Clapper was chosen for the position owing to his grasp of intelligence matters and his knowledge of the needs of NIMA's principal users, the combat commanders. The director has more than 37 years experience in intelligence, working at all levels and phases of the field. He retired from the Air Force in September 1995 as a lieutenant general after a four-year tour as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Since his retirement, he has served successively as executive vice president of Vredenburg, a systems acquisition services company headquartered in Reston, Va.; executive director, military intelligence for Booz, Allen & Hamilton, McLean, Va.; and recently as vice president, director of intelligence programs for SRA, International, Fairfax, Va.


Back in 1999, "a Saudi government audit acquired by US intelligence showed that 5 of Saudi Arabia’s top business executives ordered the National Commercial Bank (NCB), the kingdom’s largest, to transfer personal funds along with $3 million diverted from a Saudi pension fund to New York and London banks. The money was diverted into the accounts of Islamic charities, including Islamic Relief and Blessed Relief, that serve as fronts for Bin Laden."

The company's client list reads like a who's who of the high-tech industry, including companies such as IBM, Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc., Motorola Inc., Sprint Corp. and The Mitre Corp...

"Booz-Allen & Hamilton, in conjunction with the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, runs the Saudi Armed Forces Staff College, while O'Gara Protective Services (former U.S. CIA and Secret Service agents) protects the Saudi royal family and their property and provides Saudi forces with security training."


The following is snipped from:
Total Information Awareness Relies on Private Sector to Track Americans


DARPA has hired diversified defense industry giants Lockheed-Martin and Booz Allen & Hamilton for TIA and related projects. Booz Allen has won what may become the largest TIA contract, potentially worth $62 million over the next five years if DARPA exercises all the contract’s options.

Booz Allen employee Grey E. Burkhart’s resume notes that he is the “assistant program manager for the implementation of an advanced collaborative analysis system for the counterterrorism and intelligence communities,” which he identifies as “Total Information Awareness (TIA) System Implementation.” DARPA spokeswoman Walker told the Center that Burkhart is not an employee of the government.

Burkhart has had more than 25 years of experience in strategic security, intelligence, and telecommunications. Working in both the private and public sectors he was a career intelligence officer, CEO of Allied Communications Engineering, and has become a “recognized expert on in the global proliferation of information technology.”

Burkhart’s resume also notes that he was a member of Booz Allen’s Homeland Security Coordination Center and Tiger Team, for which he “conducted analysis of new legislation and executive orders and assessed their impact on current and future business.”


The following is snipped from:
Mitre Corp., Warren Buffet, Global Hawk, and September 11, 2001

The NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) demonstrated its new satellite capabilities (NRO payload launched into space on September 8, 2001) and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA - "the eyes of America") gained a new director one month prior to that fateful day. Considering all of this, one gets a pretty clear picture of where all those 'Star Wars' dollars went. James R. Clapper is the man named to head NIMA and he comes from Booz, Allen, & Hamilton which is a client for Blessed Relief, the charity said to be a front for Osama Bin Laden. Booz, Allen, & Hamilton also works closely with DARPA. DARPA is, of course, closely aligned with John Poindexter, head of Total Information Awareness and the guy that called the shots in Iran-Contra.


FBI Data Mining with trojans, worms and warez

Total Information Awareness Relies on Private Sector to Track Americans 

(From last year) Total Information Oppression: Now my mailing list has been killed!http://memes.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=1428 

From eight months ago: PLEASE HELP - DEATH THREAT

The NRO, September 11, UAV's, Echelon, ARPANET, the NSA, the Israeli Space Agency, NIMA, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, NASA, Ron Sega, Vince Foster, Global Hawk, TIA, Mitre Corp., Star Wars (SDI), Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia (and his satellite investments), and the NMCI.

Also see:
Agent "Souljah" Smiley's Last Stand

from which the following is snipped:


Consider this: the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which would later become the DEFENSE Advanced Research Projects Agency, developed the internet. It was a DOD project before it was a public forum, which would later be turned over to the private sector for "management." DARPA it is that houses the Information Awareness Office which, in turn spawned TIA, the Total Information Awareness effort, headed by one John Poindexter, an Iran-Contra Felon that, like so many others, escaped retribution and now sits high up on the pyramid, under George W. Bush.


P.S. Recently, I ended a relative silence by hitting the web with a couple of pieces entitled 'Agent "Souljah" Smiley's Last Stand' and 'Chemtrails, Mormonism, Halliburton, Meth, the West Nile Virus, and Zion.' I posted from a relatively new addy and upon doing so, within a matter of a day of hitting Indymedia, several Yahoogroups, and Memes.org with the releases, the account received its first ever virus and worm attacks. I also got my first attempt by the dreaded NigeriaScam to get ahold of my personal banking specifics. Pretty blatant aren't they?

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Haliburton (Dick Cheney's company)

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Mitre Corp. (another company with strong ties to the events of September 11, 2001)

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Brown and Root (evil subsidiary of Halliburton)

Booz, Allen, and Hamilton and TRW (big NRO contractor)

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Global Hawk (the system used on September 11 to remotely smack some buildings)

Booz, Allen, and Hamilton and the NRO (on September 8, 2001, the NRO would run an exercise simulating the hijacking of airliners)

Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and the Carlyle Group (company houses ties between the Bushes and bin Laden)



P.P.S. ..a few more applicable snips..

The following is snipped from:
All In The Family

Richard Perle resigned as chairman of the defense policy board last month after it was disclosed that he had financial ties to several companies doing business with the Pentagon. 

But Perle still sits on the board, along with former CIA director James Woolsey, who works for the consulting firm of Booz, Allen, Hamilton. The firm did nearly $700 million dollars in business with the Pentagon last year.


The following is snipped from:
The Real Saudi Ties are U.S. Ties

"We’re doing a better job of sharing intelligence and collecting data, so we’re able to find, you know, able to anticipate" (President Bush) 

Booz-Allen Hamilton (BAH), another global leader in strategy and technology consulting, runs the Military Staff College of Saudi Arabia. But BAH has its corporate headquarters in McLean, Virginia. 

On August 15th, 2002, Dale Watson, former FBIHQ, went to work for Booz. No one ever complained that it was Watson who was unwilling to connect the dots during the increased warnings on a pending attack against America in Summer, 2001, and it is clear why: Watson formerly worked for the CIA and seems to have political support from their headquarter. 

Booz Allen is also supported by ex-CIA director James Woolsey, who became Vice President of BAH on July 15th, 2002. 

In May 2003, Consultant News and Navy Weeks reports, that the government of Saudi Arabia, awarded Booz Allen Hamilton with a sole-source contract for naval consulting work worth $7.9 million with options that could take it to $95.3 million. 

Financial interests win out over political embarrassment. Getting Booz Allen Hamiliton involved in an investigation, seems more unrealistic than ever.


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