On Edward Snowjob's Whiteout

As someone who is, literally, one person away from Edward Snowden on the world "friendship tree", if you catch my meaning, I believe I do, in fact, have a special insight into these matters. In other words, we both go way back with one Jacob Appelbaum though I don't believe Edward S. and I have ever met. I can tell you that Jacob's crowd is replete with characters that aren't what they seem.

This is where my angle on this gets really weird, even in my own opinion. This part of the story contains elements that might sound like sensationalist garbage. J.A. is a hacker from the Russian River, a place I have spent a great deal of time and a place that, at first, I had no reason to believe was, in this day and age, very Russian any longer. It's home to Bohemian Grove, a place that will send almost anyone scurrying for mental safety and solid ground if one really chooses to investigate its lore. Looking into the history of this area exposes one to a plethora of tales involving Satanism, missing children, scientologists, and other things that almost (?) seem designed to confuse and frighten. I accidentally fell in with some of these people in the aftermath of Jam Echelon Day, which brought Echelon from internet conspiracy theory onto the set of 60 Minutes. I was J.E.D.'s primary instigator (a global effort to publicize the NSA), going under the pseudonym of Robert Kemp, and for my transgression I would be studied and run through a virtual Garden of Delights and, ultimately, sleep deprivation complete with attempts at imprinting, including suggestions of terror acts. This is Appelbaum's stomping ground. Here I would meet a woman who, after a year and a half, would admit to having been assigned to me. Jacob is the link between Snowden and Assange, by the way.

These are actors that are part of an international propagandists television show (and internet). A million people a year try out to be a star, with even more studying acting and theater. Bohemian Grove was started by a bunch of theater buffs in the San Francisco area over a century ago and the town in which it is situated is populated, pretty much wall to wall, by performers of medieval re-enactment festivals. What kind of jobs do YOU think actors get when it is determined that they aren't quite good enough to be in the spotlight full time? They can try out for intelligence roles in which tasks are quickly rotated, as in 'organized gang stalking' (look that up). If they're REALLY good, they may be assigned roles that involve deep cover or intense media scrutiny, or both. Scientology is the science of psychology, of manipulation, and, with that in mind, is it any wonder it's so popular among media figures? Deride and conquer!

As to the Satanic element, it's psychological operations. When someone tries to look into these groups, they inevitably come across tales of child abduction, ritual murder, and strange proceedings around the grove, like the worship of a giant owl statue called Moloch. This is there because, typically, there are a limited set of reactions in people to it (due to a lifetime of programming) and when you have a truth to hide, the less the better. When you have a small set of potential responses to expect, you can plan perception management well ahead of time and it goes like this:

Those who believe the tales are divided into two main camps - those who are solidly in the Vatican's fold and those who aren't. It may be broader and more accurate to say that the two camps are those who believe in a cosmic and earthly war between good and evil and those who don't. If you do, you land clearly on the side of taking things at face value and managing your reaction was done long ago, through societal indoctrination. If you don't believe in the devil but believe the tales about Satanic and Setian deeds, you are likely to respond with a slightly different kind of revulsion but, in both cases, the individual looks no deeper. It doesn't occur to the sensationalist that these sordid matters could possibly be a cover for something else, at once more nefarious and less fantastic.

Those who don't believe the tales are even more easily managed, as they turn a blind eye to anyone that speaks of such things. As James Jesus Angleton once said, "Intelligence is a wilderness of mirrors."

I also consider these stories of evil incarnate, of Freemasonic devilry, to be an extension of the modus operandi of the Vatican. In light of the seventeenth century enlightenment, something had to be done to convince the world, again, that evil was real, even if the church has to be the ones committing atrocious acts. Vatican involvement in the activities of the Third Reich comes to mind.

The op continues today. After all, Weishaupt was a Jesuit, just like Guy Fawkes' handlers, if not Fawkes himself.

Regarding Snowjob, more specifically, at this rate, the leaks will finally all be released when he is well into his seventies and they are entirely irrelevant. In the meantime, this "former" Booz Allen employee, a man whose documents are now in the hands of Pierre Omidyar (who has a $250,000,000 contract with the NSA), gets to micromanage the global discourse on surveillance.

The same is true with Julian Assange. Here is someone that the Obama administration is alleged to have prepared a secret indictment against but the proof of this lies in another set of pseudoleaks, the Stratfor fiasco. Any intelligence buff that has been looking into these things for more than a couple of years noticed that, far from being an intelligence bonanza, as it was described, it was missing even the slightest mention of Mitre or Booz Allen. We later found out that the whole "data dump" was done under the strict oversight of the Department of Justice and all it ended up doing was nabbing a handful of hackers who went by the collective name of LulzSec. Painted as a government sting intended to nail Assange and Anonymous (another state protected group), all it did was incriminate a small cadre of geeks. Who knows what they were or weren't up to? Was Assange fooled by these ops into believing in a set of leaks that would end up smearing his credibility? I doubt it. It seems to me that if Julian knows so little about intelligence that he wouldn't recognize the bankruptcy of a data dump that contained no real revelations then, at the very least, he shouldn't be trusted as an informed source on these issues.

Yet another thing bears mentioning here and it is this. Before Snowden came along, a Google search for terms like Mitre and "Booz Allen" yielded pages and pages of hits and it didn't take long to find my own research implicating them in both the Echelon Security State and 9/11. After the arrival of Edward's whiteout, this is no longer the case. Remember, nearly all internet portals, websites, and social media platforms rely, for its base material, on what can be found at Google. What most of us call reality starts with a Google search. Rewriting history has been perfected. Orwell's Ministry of Information lives.

Please see Kevin Ryan's excellent piece on the risks of trusting Snowden here.


Research on Booz Allen (Recently Acquired by Carlyle Group)


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