Foerster still won't tell us a single name regarding any alleged analysis of elongated skulls, neither a geneticist nor a university. He tells us, as do countless articles, that such an analysis HAS BEEN released but when asked for even a summary of the analysis (NO analysis is directly referenced by any of them), we are told by him to be patient, patient regarding the fact that the headlines are all inaccurate, and that there still isn't a single geneticist or university willing to associate themselves with an analysis we're not allowed to lay eyes on. So far from anything scientific is this whole mess that we are, essentially, being asked to make a leap of FAITH because the science, apparently, isn't there.

It makes, in the archaeological world, a laughing stock out of esoteric archaeology in general. If the analysis is not available to anyone, let alone its source, then it's simple - don't say that it is!

I tried once to bring up the archaeology that still needs to be done at Tassili n'ajjer in an archaeological forum but because one of the photos I provided was Foerster's, I drew a lot of hostility. It ended up killing my attempt at such a discussion.

As long as his proofs, like secret trials, are hidden from us and headlines keep coming that are inaccurate, Brien's material will be a continued obstacle to questioning the "official" archaeological narrative, at least among CRITICAL scientists.


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