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Wilderness Safaris operates a safari lodge on Bushman territory in Botswana.

Just days ago, with the Bushmen launching an appeal against the Botswana government’s position to deny them water in their desperately dry home land, we read that Wilderness is mercifully stepping in to relieve thirst in another area it works in.

This time, it is the animal population of Hwange, Zimbabwe who will receive the company’s blessing.

’Water is life’, it says. So far, ‘Wilderness Safaris and Wilderness Trust have been helping out in keeping some 22 diesel pumps working throughout winter so that our wildlife will survive.’

They have now installed a series of windmill pumps to make the animals’ supply more environmentally friendly.

it is gratifying to see [the animals] slake their thirst.Wilderness Safaris press release

All whilst the Bushmen suffer one of the longest dehydration crises on the planet.

This also follows the firm’s insistence that ‘Wilderness Safaris is not a water utility and its business model is not robust enough [to provide water to Bushman communities in the reserve]’.

We’ve come to expect nothing less from this self-proclaimed ‘responsible ecotourism and conservation company’.

SOURCE: Survival International


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